Thursday, 22 January 2015

Alex Loses His Bus Tokens

Alex has been earning tokens for bus rides by not being aggressive in therapy.  If he doesn't get a time out, he earns a token.  Until this week, if he earned 3 tokens, he got a bus ride.

Now he has to earn 5 tokens.  And he also has to earn them all in a row.

We had noticed a pattern.  Alex would have no trouble earning his bus ride but then the day after the ride, he'd have a burst of aggression.  It was like he saved it all up and released it on day four.  The behavioural specialist wanted to see if he could contain himself for longer so she upped the ante for the reward.

Yesterday was day four and yesterday was a difficult day with lots of opposition and eventually, a time out.  Interestingly, Alex didn't seem that upset at losing his bus tokens.  After the time out, he told the therapist "Lose the tokens.  Try again."  He was much more cheerful and relaxed after the time out as well.

It'll be interesting to see if the pattern continues. 

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