Tuesday 9 December 2014

Visit to Santa

For the last week, Alex has been working on "earning" a visit to Santa and a ride on the bus in therapy.  Yesterday, he earned it.

I drove him and the therapist out to Bayshore, expecting not too much delay to see Santa and instead found an hour-plus long line.  This put us in a real challenge since we had to be back at home to pick up Nathan and the therapist had an appointment of her own to get to.

We waited, hoping the line would move quickly but after an hour (and with 10 minutes left before absolutely must leave time), we were only halfway.  I tried to prep Alex that we might have to leave without seeing Santa and he was miserable about it.

I went to the front and asked one of the elves if there was any way we could have an exception.  I'd heard they were making exceptions for kids with disabilities, but generally, if we can wait, I prefer to do that.  It's good practice for the boys and a more realistic and fair option.

The elves got him in to see Santa right away and he asked for a Super Grover 2.0.  He remembered his manners and seemed thrilled to get to spend time with Santa and the elves.  We got home in time for Nathan and the therapist got to her appointment on time.

Thanks Bayshore Santa and crew, you made his day.

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