Wednesday 17 December 2014

Snow Day Conundrums

Today is the day every kid loves: Snow Day.

Except for my kids, because I'm mean and make them go to school anyway.

I've heard a lot of debate about whether or not kids should have to go to school during a Snow Day.  The schools are open but there's no transportation.  Roads are slick and traffic around the school tends to be bad as parents who don't usually drive their kids rush to drop them off and get to work.  On average, only about a quarter to a third of children are present on a Snow Day.

I've heard many parents complain that if the transportation is shut down then the school should be shut down as well.  The schools don't shut down since they would then lose provincial funding for that day, which does make the situation more questionable.  After all, if it's not safe for the kids to come, how is it then safe for the teachers to come?

I always had to go to school on a Snow Day if we were within walking distance of the school.  I liked them.  It was quiet with plenty of time to read or do crafts.  In fact, one teacher used to send us all (usually only 3 of us) to the library after lunch for "free-time".  In retrospect, I wonder if she ditched out early.

The boys seem to like them too.  They have one on one time with the teachers and a lot fewer distractions to cope with.

It's a bit of a hassle having to drive Alex to school and then pick him up but it all works out.  And I'm not struggling for childcare options, which makes life easier for me.

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