Friday, 12 December 2014

Reviewing Progress

We had a meeting yesterday with the staff from Alex's behaviour program to review his progress.  The results are very encouraging.

His compliance level is between 80-90 percent, which our behaviour therapist tells us is really as high as it should be.  (We don't want him to obey any instruction from any person without thought.)

He's now sitting for 3 minutes or more on the toilet without complaint.  The trampoline park is clearly encouraging compliance in that respect.  He's had three successful BMs on the toilet, which everyone is pleased with.

They're going to begin an academic program for him, focusing on his word comprehension and verbal skills.  We're going to expand the materials for reading comprehension, using song books, comic books as well as stories and non-fiction.

His aggression and self-injury have gone down significantly.  We still get blips and spurts but we're also getting days without them.

I'm really pleased with our progress. 

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