Thursday, 18 December 2014

Planning for the Holidays

As always, despite my attempt at early preparations, I have been caught by the last minute.

Last night I was scrambling to put together the Christmas cards for the teachers, educational aides and therapists.  With only today and tomorrow left, I realized the last minute had definitely arrived.

Each of them got a picture of Alex/Nathan/both and a gift card (Tim Hortons, Staples or Chapters).  It's not a lot but considering that Alex has one teacher and 3 aides, Nathan has 1 teacher and 1 aide and there are 2 therapists, even small amounts add up quickly.

This weekend, I have to put together the Christmas card packets to send out to family and friends.  I'm including pictures from Disney for them as well as the usual family portrait.

I think I'm also going to have to have a wrapping party for myself.  Things are moving quickly!

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