Tuesday, 23 December 2014

More Opportunities (March Break Respite Fund and Free Tablets) and A Merry Christmas

Hi everyone,

Autism Ontario's site says it has opened up its March Break Respite Fund for 2015 but the link they've attached to their email isn't working so I won't include it here.  I'm hoping the site is just temporarily down and we'll all be able to apply over the holidays.

I also was forwarded this article about Samsung giving away tablets to families with autism.  The article doesn't explain what the criteria are but the deadline is January 16th.  The program they describe, Look At Me, sounds interesting.  It's designed to encourage children with autism to increase their eye contact and correctly identify emotions on people's faces. 

I think this will be my last post for the holidays.  I hope that everyone has a restful time celebrating the winter solstice celebration of their choice.  Thank you all for following my family's adventures and misadventures. 

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