Monday, 15 December 2014

More Good News: Service Dog Approved

Over the weekend, we got notice that Alex has been officially approved for a service dog. 

There's still an 18-24 month wait before we're likely to receive our dog, but we're officially on the list.

There was a reminder about fund raising and that it wouldn't affect how quickly we got our dog but was still encouraged.  They even gave us a code so that they can track which donations are for which child.  (Although, again, they emphasize that the donations don't actually go towards that particular child's dog but rather into a general fund.) 

To me, if it really didn't matter, they wouldn't track it.  But I don't mind, donations are how they keep their business afloat, and research shows that people are more generous if their names are attached to a donation.

There's a workshop on the training process and what a service dog can and can't do for a family.  We'll get to attend that via Skype or a phone call because of the distance between us and them. 

Then it's the seven day parent training workshop, which we must attend (at our own expense) and where we will get final approval and get to bring the dog home.

I'll have to do some thinking about fundraising.  It's not really my forte but I'm sure I can get some suggestions.

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