Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Shopping With An Elf in Tow

Every year I book off a day to do the Christmas shopping.  I find hitting the malls during the week in early December is less cringe-inducing than trying to muscle through the crowds on evenings and weekends.  It's usually part of a careful plan, booked over a month in advance.  This year, I planned for Dec 1st.

Which is why Nathan's cough and sniffles yesterday made for a real challenge.  I had two separate questions to evaluate: should he go to school and should I still go shopping?

Should he go to school?  That one was obvious.  He was hacking like a two pack a day smoker.  I had to remind myself that if it wasn't Shopping Day, this wouldn't even be a debate.

Should I still go shopping?  Perhaps it wasn't community-minded of me, but I decided to bring him along.  He wasn't running a fever and he seemed to be relatively high energy.  I decided to take him with me and see how far I got. 

Now there had to be a few caveats.  I couldn't buy any of the planned presents for Nathan or Alex.  Nor could I send Santa any suggestions for his presents for the boys.  But I could still buy the presents for the rest of the family.  Whether or not Nathan will keep them secret is an entirely separate issue, but he was fairly bored so I'm hoping he wasn't paying close attention.

I managed to get almost everything done.  There are still a few hold-outs where inspiration did not strike.  I brought along Nathan's iPad, a few books and his headphones.  Those definitely helped, especially since I had to pick up some new jeans for myself, which left him sitting in a change room with nothing to do.

He has decided that Christmas shopping is really boring and doesn't want to go again.

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