Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Step Back For Toileting

We thought we had our younger son's toileting under control but over the last four months, he's gone from an accident once a month to every couple of days.  Mostly when he's sitting in front of the computer.

Our behavioural therapist told us that by giving him the iPad to watch while he was on the toilet, we've likely linked watching a screen and using the bathroom.  She recommended getting rid of the iPad and starting over.  Especially since he's territorial about the computer and won't let it go to use the bathroom, even if his brother isn't there to claim it.

So we're going back to basics.  No iPad in the bathroom and no books either.  (She recommended a completely distraction free environment.)  If he wants to use the computer, he has to spend 1 minute on the toilet first (we'll increase that to 2-3 minutes later).  While he's using the computer, check every 5 minutes for clean pants (another suggestion from the behaviour therapist, focus on achieving the positive rather than avoiding the negative).  If he's clean, he gets a treat.  If he does a BM in the toilet, he gets a big reward.  (I'm leaving the reward as a surprise, his curiousity should help us.)

Hopefully this will work once and for all.  It would be nice to be able to rely on at least one of the kids to use the toilet when necessary without adult supervision and direction.

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