Sunday, 9 November 2014

More Work On Practice Tantrums

We've now done two practice tantrums and I can see why it was recommended not to do them too frequently.  It's hard to work your child up to a point of actual upset (and otherwise they're not learning to control when they have strong emotions).  It goes against every instinct as a parent.

Nathan always gets lots of cuddles when he's done.  And I make sure there's a wide amount of time before he'll have to do anything.

We haven't had any further incidents of hitting reported from school.  We had one incident here, which was promptly given a time-out and loss of screen time. 

I've told Nathan that I don't like doing the practices, that I don't like seeing him upset.  But I am proud that he's learning to control his temper and I know how hard that is.  Hopefully the lesson will be learned quickly and I won't have to do it for long.

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