Wednesday 5 November 2014

I Can See Clearly Now

We got a surprise this week at the optometrist: Nathan needs glasses.

He has very mild nearsightedness.  Enough to need glasses for classwork but not for all the time. 

I knew this was coming.  After all, I was so nearsighted I counted as legally blind before I had laser eye surgery.  And Dave has worn glasses since he was 11.  But both of us started losing our eyesight around puberty, so I thought we likely had until then with the boys.

Nathan is quite excited about having glasses (which is a relief because if he hated them, he'd never wear them).  I'm a little nervous, since he's not the poster child for responsibility (and if he was, I'd worry more).  Hopefully his teacher will gently remind him to bring his glasses home at night.

It's made me wonder about Alex's eyes but the optometrist at CHEO has been clear about the difficulties.  He can't tell us which of two images is clearer, let alone sit through the five to ten minute process of minute adjustments to create a prescription.  Unless we see some really big signs of myopia, he'll just have to muddle through.  I take comfort from the fact that he can still read the bus numbers from well beyond my ability to do so.

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