Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Halloween Photos

Took some doing, but eventually we extracted the photos from the camera.  (And gave me a reminder why I should sit down and label all of the various data cords we have stored in boxes.)

Alex's Queen Elsa costume came together nicely despite being last minute and store bought.  I got him two blonde wigs and then sewed them together (along with the tiara) so that he had a nice thick braid to pull over his shoulder.
We got plenty of comments about his costume.  We took him to his school's Hallowe'en party and a good dozen teachers and staff stopped by to see him.  One of the school staff commented that they thought it was just great how we went for whatever Alex wanted, regardless of social pressure.
The attention left me with mixed feelings.  On the one hand: pride, since I think the costume did turn out amazingly well.  But on the other hand, a little unsettled, feeling like an oddity.  But Alex enjoyed it all, which was the point.

Nathan's Emmet costume is the one I'm particularly proud of.  I made it out of craft foam and used multicoloured duct tape to create the designs.  The Piece of Resistance on the back is two Kleenex boxes covered in red foam and I used yellow foam to make the hands.  I think it turned out awesome.

Compare with the original:



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