Sunday, 30 November 2014

CHEO Visit and Dog Update

Life happens and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it.

Last week we were supposed to meet with the representative from National Service Dogs.  Unfortunately, I ended up at CHEO with Nathan, worried about possible appendicitis.  Dave and Alex were here and they said the interview went well.

They brought a dog with them and Alex was nervous but intrigued.  They saw Dave using the clicker to track Alex's demands, which reassured them that we would maintain the dog's training.  And they asked us if we would be willing to rehome the cats if it came to a conflict with the dog.  (That's a very difficult question as the cats are very elderly and neither of us like the idea of kicking them out of the only home they've ever known.)

Nathan did not have appendicitis but he's been fighting one bug after another since we got back from CHEO.  Vomiting, earaches, sore throat, it's like a germ cornucopia.  It's why I haven't been updating the blog lately.

I'm nervous about having missed the interview, particularly when they said they needed to speak to both parents.  But at the same time, I was at the emergency room with my child.  If that doesn't count as a valid exception, I don't know what would.  (Car accident?  Being kidnapped by a drug lord?)  I called her the next morning on her cell and she said she would call me back later that day but she didn't.  I've sent an email telling her that I'm happy to do a phone interview if they have questions for me.

One crucial bit of information is that we haven't been approved yet.  Therefore our two year wait has not yet begun.  Dave got the impression they were recommending us for approval but it's not solely their decision. 

Right now I'm too tired to think about the implications of that.  I want to focus on getting Nathan better, getting my work done, getting my book out and preparing for the holidays.  Everything else can take a backseat for a little while.

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