Friday, 10 October 2014

Xray Results

Yesterday, we did our visit to CHEO for Alex's X-ray.  Due to traffic, it took us over an hour to get there (usually it's about half an hour) and then I had to spend another half hour arguing with the receptionist who insisted we couldn't do the X-ray in advance.  (Note, this wasn't the receptionist for the X-ray but rather the one in the dentist's office who needed to give me a slip of paper with the requisition on it.)

It really bothers me when people are clearly unfamiliar with a request or unwilling to do it but instead treat the request as if it is impossible and impertinent.  The waiting room wasn't packed, so she wasn't overwhelmed with trying to funnel people into the office.  I politely explained the situation and asked for the requisition only to get a faceful of attitude in return.

She insisted that Alex should do the X-ray right before his appointment next week.  I explained that he had severe autism and would not be able to tolerate doing both in one day.  Her response to that was basically: that's your problem and I shouldn't have to do anything about it.  (I've been on the other side of the desk and I hate to break it to her but that is literally your job, it's literally why they pay you.)

Luckily the technician who Alex works with happened to wander by and took over the situation.  We went over to X-ray (where I discovered I'd forgotten Alex's health card at home ... d'oh!) and after a ten minute wait, we were doing the test.

Alex did relatively well.  He vibrated a little so I suspect the results will be blurry but it will be sufficient to determine how many adult teeth buds are still in his gums, which was the point.  I got suited up and held his arms and talked to him to remind him to stay still.

He earned 10 minutes on the CHEO elevators as a reward and a bus token (5 and he gets a ride on OC Transpo).

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