Friday, 3 October 2014

The Homework Dilemma

Since Nathan is in Grade 2 this year, he's now getting regular homework.

According to the school board standards, he should be doing about 20 minutes of homework a night.  Looking at the work which has been assigned, that's probably a fairly accurate assessment of how long it should take.

However, it's taking us an hour and a half to two hours nightly to do a single page of work. 

Nathan dawdles, he delays.  He doesn't like the pencil so he sharpens a new one.  He wiggles around in the seat, pretending he's a cat.  He writes the letters backwards or makes them wiggly so that he can pretend they're having a dance party. 

And he throws a tantrum if I tell him to concentrate and do his work or make him erase a section and do it over so that it is legible.

This is a major challenge.  The amount of time it's eating up severely limits the other things I can do with him or Alex.  We haven't been able to do Nathan's feeling journal or practice reading.  If Alex gets aggressive, I'm splitting my attention between time out and homework and neither gets done properly.

I've decided that we'll have to do some homework every night, even if I have to make up assignments (although I don't think that will be a problem).  With luck and consistency, maybe the lure of delaying will pale beside the lure of getting to have his computer and play time.

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