Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Preparing For Panoramic Xray

Alex has an appointment with the dentist next week and they've asked us to try and do a panoramic x-ray before the appointment so that they can get an idea of how many adult teeth buds are still in his mouth (and thus let us know if some of the gaps currently in his mouth are from adult teeth which have been removed.)

The panoramic x-ray requires him to stand still for about 30 seconds while the machine buzzes around him.  We've been practicing having him stand still while I take a stool and buzz it around his head and we're frankly not having much success.  The most effective technique to have him lie or stand quietly is to have him sing but he can't be moving his mouth, so that option is out.

I'm honestly not giving us a great chance of success but we still have to try.  The only other option is to knock him out and then take the x-rays while he's unconscious.  We're likely going to have to do that soon anyway to get a thorough cleaning but the longer we can put it off, the better.

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