Friday 24 October 2014

Homework Challenge

We've been fighting a couple of minor bugs this week but it's played real havoc on Nathan's homework schedule (as did his hiding his homework book on Tuesday).

This weekend, he has to:
- finish his math homework (about 15 minutes)
- read a story for his reading homework (about 25 minutes, if it's familiar)
- answer two questions on the story he read (about 45 minutes each)
- collect materials for a diorama on birthdays (no idea, I'm guessing about an hour)

All due on Monday.

And to make life fun, I have limited time.  Alex has a birthday party on Saturday and, if I'm feeling better, there's a brunch with my girlfriends on Sunday.  Either way, Nathan has his art class on Sunday, too.

Usually I only have one or two tasks left for the weekend by the time we get to this point.  One task a day is very manageable for Nathan.  Two or three is going to be pushing it.  It feels like bad time management, but realistically, I can't predict being sick and forcing Nathan to work when he's sick is not productive.

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