Thursday, 9 October 2014

Day From Hell

I thought about a more polite title for today's post but anything less didn't really cover it.

My vague hope that a smooth weekend meant we were past the worst of the post-vacation reaction behaviour has been dashed.  Alex has been growing steadily more aggressive and less cooperative.  He's attacking me, Nathan and the cats on a regular basis. 

Most of yesterday was actually quite good but the parts at home more than made up for it.

Alex screamed and hit his way through most of his therapy session.  Then when Nathan came home, we had three back-to-back time-outs filled with screaming, bolting, headbanging, hitting and kicking.  I have a magazine taped to my wall to cover the large hole which Alex smashed in the drywall, which he then decided to enlarge by picking at it.  It lasted over an hour.

Dave and I had a doctor's appointment in the evening and when we got back, more kicking and screaming and headbanging for bedtime.

The behaviour only kicks in when he's being asked to do something.  If he's allowed to completely go his own way, then he's sunshine and light.  It's clear, he's acting out to avoid having to do what's been asked.  Maybe this is an extinction burst coupled with the post-vacation act out.  We've been relentless on following through with the demands, which is the only way to stop this behaviour.

But I am darn tired of having my family be assaulted repeatedly.

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