Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Chocolate and Lego Shortage

There are days when even the five minutes of news I listen to each day is too depressing.  Today's feature?  A hit and run on two soldiers, a house fire and expected shortages for both Lego and chocolate this Christmas.

Okay, granted, not having plastic blocks or sugary treats is not the worst thing which can happen.  It probably won't even be the worst thing which happens between now and Christmas.

Lego, I'm not horribly surprised.  The Lego movie caught manufacturers by surprise and sales spiked.  The fact that we now have a production-sales gap was predictable.  Annoying, but predictable.

Chocolate is apparently the latest casualty of the Ebola outbreak since a significant proportion of the world's cocoa crop is on the Ivory Coast of Africa and they've closed their borders to prevent Ebola from coming in from their neighbours.  Of course, that also means there are no migrant workers coming in to pick the crop.

It's sad.  It also means I have to hustle my butt out and pick up the boys' advent calendars before Hallowe'en, which is also sad and wrong.  They both want Lego calendars and I'm willing to bet so do a lot of other people.

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