Monday 29 September 2014

Pictures from Disney

Initially I'd planned to do a big post with all our stories but work and post-travel unpacking and crisis management is cutting into my blogging time.  So I've decided to go ahead and post the pictures.  I'll tell the stories tomorrow.

Alex and Aileen from WestJet.  He took a real shine to her and she escorted us through the airport.

Alex on Disney's Magical Express, our transport to and from the airport.

Our first day at Animal Kingdom.  Alex liked this frog outside the Rainforest CafĂ©.

Alex loved his daily swims at our hotel's guitar-shaped pool.

He also loved the elevator.

Alex and Rapunzel.

Alex and Mickey, backstage at the Magic Theatre.

Alex and Goofy at Chef Mickey's.

Alex and Donald at Chef Mickey.

Alex discovered Frozen balloons in this bunch and spent twenty minutes being delighted as the wind blew them down to us.

Alex (as Prince Charming) was delighted to meet Cinderella.  He immediately asked to see her shoes.

At Cinderella's Royal Luncheon, he also met Snow White (whom my husband insisted was Sleeping Beauty)

And Sleeping Beauty (whom he insisted was Snow White ... Dave, never argue with a Disney Queen.)

And Ariel.

This was the highlight of Alex's trip, getting to meet Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.  It only took some major begging from Mom to make it happen.

On our last day, meeting Minnie at Chef Mickey's.  Alex picked out the glittery mouse ears himself.

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