Thursday, 18 September 2014

OMG! It's Coming!

I have less than a day to get my final preparations done for Disney and I'm in a bit of a panic mode.

On Tuesday, I realized I'd have to sacrifice my 1000 word per day goals in order to get ready.  Reluctantly, the computer got put away.

Wednesday, therapy was cancelled and between music lessons and Beavers, I spent less than an hour in the house after I finished work.  Not a lot of progress.

Today I've been running around like crazy, making sure I have all my paperwork together, packing clothes, toiletries and cutlery.  No, really: cutlery.  We've got a fridge but not dishes provided in the room, so if Alex is going to eat, he'll need something to eat out of.

Realistically I know I'm doing quite well.  I've done a lot of preparations.  But that doesn't change the internal panic button.

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