Monday, 11 August 2014

No More Soccer

Tonight was Nathan's last soccer night and I'm making the call: no more.

Dave loved soccer as a kid and was very good at it (still is, comparatively).  He wanted to share it with his kids.

However, the kids, Nathan in particular, do not enjoy soccer.  Nathan gets overwhelmed by the pressure and fearful of making a mistake.  He reacts with defiance and anger, both of which Dave has a hard time handling.  (I find it hard to ignore Alex's repetitive objections, we all have our parental kryptonite.)

The difficulty means that the two of them tend to react off each other and then they're coming home in tears and frustration respectively.

Dave's not particularly pleased with my decision but this is the second year in a row.  I feel we've given it a shot and it's not worth the emotional stress.

It's too bad.  Soccer is one of those almost universal childhood experiences (except in the States). 

Hopefully we can find something else Nathan will enjoy.

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