Thursday, 7 August 2014

Nathan Quote: Superheroes

Okay, this one is more on me than Nathan.  We've been having problems where he loses his temper and hits people.  It's rare but happens.

I've been trying to use his love of superheroes as an influence.  Pointing out the difference between good guys and bad guys (Good guys help people and say sorry and bad guys hurt people and don't care about their feelings).  I hit on what I thought would be a brilliant tactic: Good guys don't hit first.  They only hit back after a bad guy hits them.

Yay, I thought to myself, a happy little reconciliation between the violence in comic books and my attempt to use those books as a message for peaceful resolution.

Except I really should have paid more attention.  Because we were watching Avengers Assemble and Transformers and darned if Captain America, Thor, Optimus Prime and Iron Man are all prone to striking first when they have a bad guy in sight.

Nathan: Mommy, the good guys are hitting first.

Mommy: (at a loss for words)  Yeah, I guess they are.

Nathan: You were wrong.

Mommy: Yes, I was.

Nathan: I'll tell Daddy.  He'll be excited.

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