Thursday 28 August 2014

Countdown to Disney

We are in the final 30 days of preparation before our Disney trip with Alex.  It's really hitting home now that this is actually going to happen.

I'm disappointed that the Orlando airport has refused to return my calls.  I'd been hoping to set up something in advance to short-cut the line for customs since Alex won't tolerate standing in line.  (Not looking to skip customs, just the lining up part.)  I'll have to deal with it on site.

I'm getting an updated doctor's note which I can use for dealing with lines at customs, airport security and the Disney attractions.  (Most airports will let children with disabilities and their families use the VIP airport security check-in, which is much faster.) 

I'm getting another one to allow us to bring Alex's pureed food onto the plane (counts as a liquid, which is irritating).  That one should also help with the special food accommodations at Disney.  They've promised us to make sure he's got stuff he can eat at the special character meals.  When we hit the 10 day mark, I have to send the doctor's note and a list of what he can eat to them.

We've gotten our luggage tags which will get our luggage on the Magic Express when we arrive in Orlando. 

We've got our passports, including a doctor's note for Alex's explaining about his picture.  (I carry a small file folder of doctor's notes with us whenever we travel.)

I'm meeting with the doctor next week to get a copy of Alex's prescriptions (in case we need it).  I'm also doing the count up to make sure we all have enough of our individual medications to make it through the trip.

Dave is checking on a vacation plan for our cell phones so that we can use them to call and text without being slammed by fees.

I've arranged some special surprises for Nathan for while we're away and he's staying at his grandparents.  He'll be going to Disney with us in 2015 and Alex will get to stay home.

I think I've covered everything.  We're starting to get down to things which can't be done before the last minute, like packing and organizing the paperwork.

I really hope he enjoys this trip.  I hope it's the magical, wonderful experience I've been hoping for him to have.  I think I've done everything in my power to make it so and now the rest is up to luck and to him.

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