Thursday 21 August 2014

Aggression and Indifference

Today I had to pick Nathan up early from camp.  There had been an incident where he hit another camper.  Not acceptable but I was very frustrated to learn that the camp hadn't been giving him the transition warnings I'd asked them to.  He won't be going back.

Incidents like this make me feel very vulnerable.  Alex lost his position in mainstream school and activities because of his aggressiveness.  Today ignited fears that we might be headed down the same road with Nathan.  His aggression is rare but he doesn't hold back once it's unleashed. 

The counselors, in their wisdom, decided Nathan didn't need transition warnings.  This left him edgy and upset and made it more difficult to control himself.  An incident was inevitable.  And the cycle can become self-reinforcing.

Next year, Nathan has the same teacher that had such difficulty with Alex.  She was intimidated by him.  Will she be able to handle Nathan or will we trigger more problems?

I wish to the gods that I knew.  But my confidence in next year is splintering.

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