Sunday, 20 July 2014

When To Push?

Nathan did really well at his swimming camp last week.  But suddenly, about halfway through Saturday, he decided he didn't want to do Superhero camp this week.

He's been excited about this since I signed him up back in March but all weekend, he's been adamant that he doesn't want to go.

Maybe two weeks in a row is too much.  Maybe he's scared of trying something new.  Maybe he's genuinely needing a break.  Maybe it's just a control thing.  Maybe it's because Alex is staying home to do therapy.  Maybe it's because of Nathan's obsession with the Kerbal Space Program on the computer.

I'm driving myself a little nuts here trying to figure it out.  If it's scared of trying something new or jealousy of his brother or wanting to play his computer game, I should make him go.  If he's needing a break, I should let him stay.

I find myself wondering if something happened at swim camp.  Could he have been hurt?  The target of bullies (or worse, a predator)?  I don't know.

At first he tried to tell me he couldn't go to camp because he had too much work from his "boss" who sends him "emails" to tell him what to do.  I was fairly certain this was just made up but I asked Dave to take a look at the family computer.  I always try to take what my kids say as having a grain of truth.  I don't want to make the mistake of assuming it's all a game when they're really trying to tell me something.  (The computer is fine, this was a game.)

Then he said he couldn't go because he was sick.  But a kid who's been bouncing around singing and playing all weekend doesn't make a convincing invalid. 

Now he just says he doesn't want to go. 

I'll probably make the wrong decision on this (all parents do, otherwise their kids wouldn't have anything to complain about to Dr. Phil) but I wish I understood where this was coming from.

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