Friday, 18 July 2014

Depressing Turn for Writing Group

I'm still relatively new to the local chapter of romance writers so I'm not sure how seriously to take the mutterings of folding.  The chapter has been going for 30 years but every year there are threats of dissolving because of lack of volunteers.

I've done my part with volunteering on the Board but with starting the new behaviour program, my time just doesn't allow me to continue.  Maybe it's made me more sensitive, but this year the threats to dissolve seem more serious.

I've had this effect on a number of groups.  I join and a short period later, the group dissolves.  It's enough to make a girl paranoid.

But this would be a real shame.  This group is great, very supportive and able to give real advice and help.  I've been to some of the other writing groups and the nitpicking, paranoia and politicking makes me reluctant to join.

I hope things turn out. 

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