Sunday, 15 June 2014

Win Some ... Lose Some, Financially At Least

We got word back from Autism Ontario that neither Alex nor Nathan were selected for funding for the summer camp refund.  Too bad.  It's the first year where we haven't had at least one of them covered.

On the other hand, we got a call from the City of Ottawa telling us we'd won a free week of camp as part of a draw for having registered early.  So one of Nathan's swimming camps has been reimbursed for us. 

Between birthday season, Alex's behavior program, the wedding and our planned trip to Disneyworld, the last two months have ended up being more expensive than usual.  Now, it was all in the plan and in the budget but watching it actually come out of the accounts is not an easy feeling.  But we're now in fairly good position for the summer.  Almost everything has been taken care of and with the boys riding on Saturday, I don't have to take a day off work for the summer.

I just need to breathe and remind myself that this was all part of the plan.  And reluctantly put aside my screaming need to own more Dark-Hunter novels.

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