Monday, 16 June 2014

Wedding Countdown

Only a few weeks to go until my sister's wedding.  I have completed the alterations on the boys' outfits and to my surprise, they really like them.  Especially the turbans (or as Nathan refers to them, the "tail-hats", since they have a long stream of fabric coming off the back).  That's one big hurdle down.

I've had to finalize their orders for the main meal.  I decided to go with hot dogs from the children's menu.  Burgers and Mac and Cheese were the other options.  They might have done well with the burgers, but neither of them will tolerate sesame seeds or anything other than cheese and ketchup.  Hot dogs are the safer option.

The beadwork embellishment on my dress is done.  Jewelry is done.  Shoes selected and ready to go.  Dave has a summer weight suit which he'll pick up this Saturday.

Train tickets have been purchased.  Travel arrangements solidified.

I've even got my share of the wedding sewing done.  There are still some table runners to finish but I've decorated all the completed ones.

The final hurdle (and there's always one) are the Mackintosh sashes.  I thought we had four.  Two full length (one ancient, one modern) and two children's (both modern).  Instead, we only have one child's sash.

My mother-in-law is looking through her fabric supplies to see if she has enough Mackintosh tartan to make another child's sash.  Last night, I looked online and it will take 4-6 weeks to order another one.  Too long.

I'm annoyed at myself for having left it so late.  If I can't get another sash, I may not feel comfortable with any of us wearing them.  I don't like the idea of one of the children not having a sash identifying them as part of our family.  We're all Mackintoshes and if one of us is identified as such, then we all should be.

It feels a little symbolic that the sashes would define a 3 + 1 family, which is often how I feel we operate.  Two adults with one child and the second child off with someone else doing something else. 

This wedding is one of the few times we will all participate in something as a family.  Call me crazily sentimental, but I want to mark it as such.

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