Sunday, 29 June 2014

Preparing For The Wedding

We've been preparing for my sister's wedding for quite awhile and now we're getting into the final stages.

One of our concerns was the fact that the events are all quite late at night.  Dinners aren't starting until 8pm or later.  Given that the boys are usually in bed by 8:30, that means we needed some adjustment.

My solution has been to start keeping the boys up later in the hopes of shifting their schedule to a more night-owl friendly one.  We've been keeping them up until 9;30 for the last few days.

Unfortunately, they're still getting up around 6 am.  I'm not sure if something is waking them up (or at least, waking Nathan up since he'll then take care of waking up everyone else).  So now we're dealing with kids who are irritable from being short on sleep.

I'm hopeful this is just a transition period but I'm getting my plan B ready.  They will be staying up late for Canada Day anyway, so I'm going to hold out until Tuesday evening.  But if Wednesday is still an early wake-up, I'll have to shift bedtime back so they can catch up on their sleep.

We've also gotten the final request for their participation.  My sister would like them to walk up the aisle ringing bells and bring the rings up to the front.  This is a do-able option, but I have concerns about them remembering to put the bells and rings down.

I suggested having someone walk them down the aisle but the response was not enthusiastic.  They're going to need support, especially given that it will be an unfamiliar place, they'll be stressed from travel and there will be a large number of people there.

Most kids find being in a wedding overwhelming.  I'm honestly concerned having to be by themselves will just be too large a demand.  But we'll figure it out.

One way or another.

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