Wednesday, 4 June 2014

First Day Went Well

Yesterday was the first day of Alex's behavioural program.  We met the therapist and she and Alex hit it off right away, which was pretty much the entire purpose behind this first session.

I'm surprised sometimes that people don't seem to realize how slow the process is.  We'll likely spend the next month or two getting Alex and the therapist used to each other.  There won't be any work done except establishing a bond so that Alex will be likely to work with her.

I get parents asking me sometimes how long to expect a program to run and their estimates are usually in weeks rather than months.  It's not just a marathon, it's Terry Fox's cross-Canada run.  Pacing is everything.

So first stage going well.  The next challenge will be when we get past the honeymoon stage in a few weeks and the therapist is no longer a novelty.  Then she'll start to see more of the everyday Alex and we can start thinking about moving forward.

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