Tuesday 17 June 2014

Dropped One of My Juggling Balls

It is inevitable that I lose track of something, given the number of simultaneous ongoing issues I'm dealing with.  But it still annoys and embarrasses me when it happens.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to Alex's school to sign some paperwork.  I completely forgot about it until the evening.  I went today and it's not a real problem but I still find myself feeling as if I let everyone down.

I'm not sure if everyone is as hard on themselves when it comes to mistakes but I suspect I'm not alone in my harsh expectations of myself.  I've managed to overcome a certain reluctance to ask for help but I still expect myself to manage everything as if I had a team of a dozen assistants.

I hate it when I miss appointments or forget paperwork or breeze past a deadline.  It's something I'm working on: both accepting that my memory isn't what it used to be and that the inevitable failures are not catastrophic.  I tell myself that the world understands and even if it doesn't, I need to be understanding and sympathetic to myself.  I'll let you know if it ends up working.

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