Friday, 13 June 2014

Beaver Sign Up and Election Night

Yesterday was a busy day.  Not only did I have to go and perform my civic duty (despite my slightly nauseous conviction that casting my vote is about as effective as melting a snowstorm with a candle) but I had to sign Nathan up for Beavers.

Dave took Nathan to most of the meetings last year.  And he would usually come home and say it went terribly.  Nathan seemed to be enjoying it so I was in a real quandary about signing him up again.

However, when I went in, the leaders couldn't say enough good things about having Nathan in the troupe.  And not just the "polite to the parent" approach.  I'm pretty good at picking up when people have a hidden "but" to their compliments.  (Oh, he's such a great kid but I always feel the need for a stiff drink after dealing with him.)  They really liked him.

One leader even told me she'd been worried since she'd never had to deal with an autistic child before.  She'd worried about unpredictable meltdowns and obsessions but found Nathan to be sweet and engaging.  Yes, there were some meltdowns but not that much worse than the other kids.

I think I'll probably take Nathan to the meetings this year.  Clearly the tension of navigating the social requirements is more of a challenge for Dave and I think it's colouring his impressions.  Losing another evening bothers me, but if it's the difference between success and failure for Nathan, I'll do it.

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