Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Nod of Encouragement

I had a great meeting with one of my critique partners yesterday.  She's been talking to me about deep point of view and I've been having to come back and ask her what the difference is between deep pov and what I'm doing.

Yesterday she took me through the first couple chapters line by line to show how I could enhance the story with character reactions.  Basically, every action should have some sort of reaction from the point of view character.  After all, people don't just sit there blankly in their lives, we're always reacting to something (even if to say: this is stupid).

Now I think I have a better understanding of what she was talking about and how to use it to make the story richer.  A more substantial rewrite than I was initially hoping for but not ridiculously so.

And, as a nice compliment, she said she thought my work was good enough to go the traditional publishing route.  I'm still not sold on it.  Self-publishing definitely makes more money per book and the workload seems similar for a new author.  If I can be successful self-publishing, then I would have a better bargaining position for a traditional publisher.  It's all a guessing game.

Either way, still lots of work to do.  I'm really hoping I can find a writing time during the summer.  I don't want two months of stall.

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