Thursday, 19 June 2014

A New Bedtime Song

After two years of unchallenged bedtime glory, Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" has been supplanted by a new contender:  The Duck Song.

Alex found this one while browsing YouTube.  (I'm not sure how he finds half the things he does but he certainly picks up a fair bit of unusual material.)  The animation is horrible but the song is a catchy ear-worm.  It may well rival the Smurfs theme song.

Alex only likes to listen to the first few verses, so I don't know if the duck ever relents and tries the lemonade or if the man at the stand gives in and gets grapes just to get the talking duck off his back.  It's like an epic struggle between good and evil, capitalism and social equality.  Or just a funny song about a duck with a grape obsession and a dream.

It's a little strange to be singing an actual children's song.  Alex has mostly preferred top-40 pop stuff.  But it makes him smile and he loves singing the duck's part.

It's not the same song I've been singing for the last two years, so I'm happy for the change.  Whether I'll still be happy in six months ... who knows?

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