Friday, 30 May 2014

Saying Goodbye to One of Our Professional Family

I found out yesterday that our speech therapist is retiring.  She's worked with us for over 8 years now with Alex and 6 years with Nathan.  She's been fabulous, especially with Alex.  In the beginning, he was very non-responsive while working with her.  She did everything short of standing on her head to get his attention.  When we began, he was completely non-verbal and after two years, he began to speak.  Now, he's functionally verbal for asking for things he wants.

Her office is like a second home to us.  Nathan actually took his first steps in her office.  She was the first one to tell us that Alex might have autism and that it wouldn't be a horrible, end-of-the-world thing if he did.

I'm going to miss her and so will the boys.  But I can't blame her for wanting to spend some time with her husband and for wanting to travel and see the world.  I'm glad she's taking the time for herself.

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