Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Life At Comicon

I had an amazing time over the weekend.  I'd been looking forward to it for a long time and almost everything worked out.  Alex went to stay with Avi for Saturday and Sunday, giving Dave and Nathan a bit of a respite.

I saw amazing costumes and took over a hundred pictures.  I'm including some of my favourites here.  I saw almost all of the celebrity panels I wanted to see (except Karl Urban, but I'll explain that later).  I got the autographs I wanted.  I got exterminated by a Dalek and my picture taken with Darth Vader.  It was awesome.

Friday began with a bit of disappointing news.  Eliza Dushku, whom I'd been looking forward to seeing, had to cancel at the last minute due to a work commitment.  The rumour was that she got cast in a movie, so I can't blame her.  Charisma Carpenter came instead.  It was interesting to listen to her and be able to separate her from her character "Cordelia Chase" on Buffy.  But I still got to see some amazing costumes and wander around the booths.

Star Wars was strongly represented this year, as usual.  There were also displays for Dr. Who, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters.

Some of the Star Wars people were collecting money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

I caught this cute little Jawa looking over the booths.

People definitely went with more makeup this year than last year.  There were lots of cosplay workshops for those interested.

Disney also got it's fair share of cosplayers.  And I loved the display of the "new" Disney Princes and Princesses, including Loki and Leia.
 Me and Cinderella.

 An amazing Maleficent costume.
  I felt a little sorry for the Magic Mirror guy but the effect was amazing.
With my VIP pass I was able to get up close to the stage for the celebrity Q & A panels.
 Summer Glau is incredibly sweet and down to earth.  She talked about how she doesn't like how she runs so she tried to convince every Terminator director that her character could just walk really fast.

I got her autograph (I was standing in line for it when Karl Urban's panel happened) and was able to tell her how much I enjoyed that between her efforts and Joss Whedon's, her character River on Firefly, transcended traditional character boundaries.  She was a damsel in distress, a bad-ass fighter, childlike and innocent, and incredibly wise and insightful.  But the character still felt complete.  She teared up a little when I told her, which made me feel like we had a real connection.

She also liked the picture and verse I picked for her to sign, which was of her standing over the Reavers and "No power in the 'verse can stop me."

Sean Astin ran us all through the Goonies pledge and we had a group sing along of the Addams family theme song.  His dad played the original Gomez on the show and used to bring home the film rolls for the family to watch.  He joked it was the first "on demand" service.

He was also quite funny and engaged with the fans.  He seemed as eager for the Q & A to continue as the rest of us.

Christopher Lloyd was surprisingly spry for being in his late seventies.  The audience was a little disappointed that he didn't remember a great many of his smaller cameo roles, although, perhaps that's to be expected since he's done so many and they were expecting him to remember what was probably a day or two of work done three, five or ten years ago.

He said his favourite Back to the Future movie was the third one, since he got to have his first and only on-screen romance.

Edward James Olmos was awesome.  He did his speech from the UN and had us all shouting "So say we all!" together.  When I first saw the clip years ago, I so wanted to be a part of it.  Now I have.

I also got to ask him about the scene in Battlestar Galactica after Starbuck dies.  His character is sitting in front of the model sailing ship he's been building for 3 seasons and he suddenly sweeps it off the table.  According to the commentary, it was completely spontaneous, and the prop was a rental.  I've been dying to know if there were any repercussions.

It took him a minute to remember, until I mentioned the word "rental" and then he grinned and said he figured Adama would be angry and so when the directors came to him, he said "What else did you expect me to do?".  It just ended up being a very expensive day on set.

Ray Park (who played Darth Maul on Phantom Menace) was awesomely funny.  He never stood still, always moving around.  He said he thought he'd completely blown the audition for Star Wars since he couldn't think of anything to do, despite having 20 years of being a martial artist and 10 years of being a professional stunt man.  He described himself as a total fan boy who just geeked out rather than showing what he could do.

At the end of his session, he brought up people from the audience and showed them how to do fancy tricks with the lightsaber.

I didn't get a good picture of Bruce Campbell during his presentation, but he was also hilarious.  He said he was tired of talking about himself and so interviewed people from the audience for an expert "panel".
Nathan came and got to meet R2D2.  All in all, it was an amazing time and I could talk about it for another couple of pages.  But instead, I'll just toss up some more pictures of great costumes.
 Spider-man and Mary Jane

 Captain America.

 Nick Fury and the Green Arrow


 Beast and the Phoenix.

 Glimmer from She-Ra.

 Superman. (Duh!)

 Captain Canada (Vindicator)

 The Daleks.

Happy Geeking everyone.  See you next year!


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