Thursday, 8 May 2014

He's Not Rapunzel

Alex may be enjoying his long hair but we're going to have to get it through his head that he's no Rapunzel.

Yesterday, a neighbour came to the house to tell us that our little girl was sitting half out her window.  It didn't take us long to figure out it was Alex.  This is the third visitation in two years.

We took away the opening crank.  And apparently he's strong enough to open it using his fingers.

We alarmed the window.  He's figured out how to remove the batteries and replace the cover of the alarm.  (Ensuring we don't know it's been disabled.)

I've been making some calls to see about getting the window replaced with something which is easier to lock and keep locked.  Fire codes say all bedrooms must have a window which an adult can crawl through as an emergency exit, so we can't just replace it with a solid, non-opening window.

This is definitely an expense we didn't need to deal with but we don't have much choice in the matter.  While he doesn't appear to being trying to bolt, it doesn't take Parent-Of-The-Year to figure out that sitting on the edge of an open window is bloody dangerous.

I haven't heard back from anyone as yet, but I'm hoping they have some kind of emergency service which will let us replace the darn thing quickly.

I'm also fiddling with the alarm to see if there's a way I can seal the battery compartment.  It means we'll have to buy a new alarm when the batteries die, but that's better than having the darn thing completely ineffective.

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