Thursday, 22 May 2014

Got the Passports!

Disney moves a little closer to reality for us.  We have our passports for our trip.

We were a little worried about Alex's photo.  Standing still with his mouth closed, face and posture neutral and looking at the camera were never going to happen without freezing him in some form of carbonite.  (Which they probably would object to as well.)

We got one with him looking at the camera, neutral posture and face but with his teeth showing outside his mouth.  So we supplied a doctor's note along with our application explaining that he had autism and this was as good as it's going to get.  In slightly more respectable language but that was the gist.

We do have to carry a copy of the letter with us when we travel as we are likely to be challenged on the passport since the photo does not comply with Canadian standards.  Just another fun document parents of children with autism need to have handy.  My kid has autism and thus doesn't do well standing in line, answering questions, eating airline food or a number of other things travelers tend to expect.

I still haven't figured out who to contact at the Toronto and Orlando airports to see if there's a disability pass or form we can get to help us move through customs quickly.  Surprisingly, there's not a big button on the website saying 'click here' for fast-tracking through customs.  We were told that if he would stay put in a wheelchair, we'd be automatically fast-tracked.  It better be darn fast fast-tracking because I give him in a wheelchair less than 30 seconds.  So we'll have to check other alternatives.

But we have flights, we have hotels, we have character dinners, we have passports and we have child care for Nathan while we're gone.  It's shaping up nicely.

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