Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Field Trip Tyranny

One thing I have discovered about having a child with autism in an integrated class: volunteering for field trips is no longer an optional process.

I can understand the challenge.  A higher risk child in a less contained environment away from routine: extra help will be needed.

Each time I strap on my backpack, arrange to miss work and go in.  But I've noticed that I almost never see the same parent volunteers.  Everyone else gets to pick and choose which trips they participate in, a luxury I'm starting to wish I had as well.  There have been three in the last six weeks, which is hard on me and my work.  (They're understanding but I still need to get my job done.)

I like getting to participate, don't get me wrong.  But when it's no longer really a choice, some of the shine goes off it.  Maybe I'm feeling particularly grumpy because the next trip coming up is an all day outdoor event.  (I'm not an outdoor kind of person and long hikes in a marshland are not something I enjoy in the best of circumstances ... and being responsible for five kids is not the best of circumstances.)

I'm probably also feeling responsibled-out after the party this weekend.  There were a lot of kids to keep on top of, and I was doing it pretty much all by myself.  (Dave has trouble judging social appropriateness <side effect of Aspergers> and so will tend to keep silent rather than make a mistake.)

All in all, I guess I'm just feeling worn out and in need of a vacation. 

Luckily, Comicon is coming up.

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