Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Balancing Work, Life and Kids

With summer coming up soon, I'm realizing that my hard won balance between work, life and kids is about to be upset.

July could be particularly difficult.  We're starting behaviour therapy for Alex next week but I don't know if we'll be up to 5 afternoons a week by the time we hit July.  And our tutor, who usually works with him in the mornings, will be doing special training for the entire month, so won't be available.  This could mean Alex only has two afternoons a week with something to do.  Which means a bored and difficult kid to deal with.

I'm assuming August will be better and then we'll be heading back into school.

Nathan's summer is fairly organized.  He's home the first two weeks of July, which could lead to plenty of fighting.  Then he's got some day camps to go to.

I'm still going to have to get my work done for Emerging Minds and find time for writing.  And there'll still be all the household stuff.  Alex can't tolerate the vacuum or the washing machine being on, so I'll have to get creative with cleaning and laundry.

It's going to be a challenge. 

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