Sunday, 25 May 2014

Back From Camp

Nathan came back from Camporee today with enough energy to still go to a birthday party in the afternoon.  Not quite enough to make it through his first soccer event in the evening though but that's understandable.

He had a really good time.  His mood has been up and down lately, so that it's hard to predict if he's going to enjoy something or end up tantruming out of it.  But according to my dad (who took him because I am not a camping kind of person), he enjoyed himself.

The only down side seem to have been the mosquitos.  He's covered in bites, so he looks like he's got chicken pox.  He's even got bites in the corner of each eye.

Luckily, After Bite is working to keep the itching down.  I've found from my own bites that if I can avoid scratching them for 24 hours, they subside. 

I was explaining to him about when I was a little girl and I got the chicken pox, which is like being bitten by thousands of mosquitos.  He was very alarmed at the prospect.

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