Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Autism Ontario Summer Camp Funding Available (Deadline May 30)

Autism Ontario's Summer Camp Funding for families with autism is now available.  You have to apply by the deadline (May 30th).

It's not a lot of money but it can be applied towards babysitting, respite, any summer program (even if it's not a special needs camp) or therapy.  If you pay money for your child to do something over the summer, you can get some of that money back.

A word of caution.  You can only pick one activity per child for the reimbursement, so make sure you pick one which is big enough to cover your allotment.

Before committing to your one activity, make sure to talk to the person running it.  Some groups are not comfortable with filling out the form, others will only do it at the end of the season.  Sometimes the person running it isn't the one who has signing authority (this is a common problem with summer camps).  Make sure to give yourself lots of time to deal with unexpected snags.

Another word of caution, even if you're turned down for funding, hang on to your receipts.  We ended up being chosen for a secondary round of funding after the March Break.  (You should be hanging on to your receipts for tax purposes anyway.)

You can apply online and it only takes a few minutes.  If it's your first time applying, you'll have to send proof of diagnosis to Autism Ontario.  A letter from your doctor will suffice if you don't want to send your diagnostic report.  I've actually gotten my doctor to write a general one page letter precisely so that I have something simple to send in to these sorts of programs.

They ask for worker information but it's an optional area.  I've never had a problem with switching workers after filling it out or with leaving it blank, so don't worry about it too much.

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