Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Little Professionalism Goes A Long Way

And a lack of it will get you fired.

Not me.  Someone else.  Namely, one of our tutors.

At the beginning of the year, I hired a tutor to work with Nathan on his fine motor skills.  It's something he needs to practice and a tutor is cheaper than an occupational therapist.  (And Nathan does much better with someone else than with me directing the exercises.)

Once a week, for an hour.  The tutor we got was great except for an occasional communication glitch where he just wouldn't show up.  But I gave some slack since we've all had misunderstandings.

Then his cell phone died.  And there's no voicemail at his house.  Which left me with zero ways to get a message to him.  Inconvenient but I was working with it.

Except now, I haven't heard from him for 3 weeks.  I tried calling his house at all civilized hours and never got anyone to pick up.  This officially puts it over my tolerance level.

I assume he's quit but doesn't want to tell us.

Which leaves me with deciding if we want to get a new tutor for the rest of the year or if we want to wait until after summer.

It really bothers me when people can't let you know things aren't working out, whether its a personal or a business relationship.  Especially on a business front.  I'm not a horrible person with a history of hunting down my former employees so therefore, I feel I'm due the basic courtesy of a quick call to say: it's not working out.  (And I have voicemail, so it would be easy to leave a message if you want to avoid talking to me personally.)

The last time I had to do this was with a cleaning service I had hired.  They came every two weeks but then they didn't come for 3 cleans and no one was answering when I called them.  It turned out that the owner had to fly overseas to deal with a sick parent and had left someone in charge of her business but that person was decidedly uninvolved.  By the time I found that out, I'd hired someone else.  I feel bad about it but business is business.  If a major crisis comes up, you should alert your customers, especially if it requires a prolonged absence.

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