Monday, 28 April 2014

The Start of Birthday Season

This weekend marked the start of Mackintosh birthday season.  With everyone's birthday being so close, we've done a single family party for the last couple of years.  As May gets progressively busier (Comicon and the Big Beaver Camp Out), the family party has gotten pushed back into April.

We went with a Minion theme this year but I avoided going overboard on the decorations.  My biggest find were Minion themed balloons:

The boys wore their Minion shirts and did fairly well with having everyone in the house.

I picked up our usual ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and there was only one small incident where Alex blew out Nathan's candle.  I relit it and Nathan blew it out.  Crisis averted.

For some reason, I found it very difficult to relax during the party and to settle afterward.  Maybe it's the monotony of dealing with the same problems over and over again (Nathan wants to control the agenda, Alex can't accept no for an answer, dealing with everyone being an expert while I'm trying to deal with a situation, constant checking to see if Alex has soiled himself, feeling as if I'm the only one who can be relied on to get things done.)
I'm hoping I can shake it off and regain some cheer but I'm still frustrated with a low tolerance level.
The boys enjoyed the party, except toward the end where Nathan wanted to go out with Alex and Avi but I wasn't up to going along, so he couldn't.  And there was no one else who could step up to do it.  So there was a burst of tears and hurt feelings to finish off.
I wish I didn't feel so tired and frustrated.  This is a happy occasion and one of the big events of the year for the boys.  I remember how upset I was as a kid when parental frustration spilled over onto my events.  I don't want to do that.  It's not fair and it's an awful thing to do.

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