Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Party Is When?

Up until yesterday, I'd been feeling quite proud of myself for catching back up with things.  Until someone pointed out that our family birthday party was next weekend.


And that means Nathan's birthday party is the weekend after that.


Time to get my butt in gear and buy some invitations, order a cake, get balloons.  Time to decide which of my fantastic ideas are actually practical and which ones get regulated to the Martha Stewart idea bin in the sky.  Like making a Captain America shield cake for Nathan's birthday.  Or making paper shields as party favours for his class.  Both good ideas, both ideas I'm capable of executing.  Just maybe not in the time I have left.

Sometimes I think I'm overshooting myself, making sure we have entertaining toys at the house or that we have fun parties.  It's kids, right?  Kids don't care and can entertain themselves for the most part.

Except that I recognize it will always be difficult for the boys to have and keep friends.  They'll require lots of social coaching to make sure the friendships stay reciprocal (and careful attention to make sure they aren't exploited).  But all the coaching in the world isn't helpful if we don't have kids to practice it on.  And kids are, at their heart, selfish creatures.  They're happy to overlook some oddities if a situation is fun and they have a good time. 

My hope is that, growing up, the boys will have a circle of friends who no longer see them as odd.  They'll see the awesome individuals that we see and won't be offput by quirks.  But it takes a lot of effort and time to build up a social circle.  I have to remind myself why it's worth it to arrange lots of playdates and keep up my own social parent contacts on days when I'd honestly rather collapse in front of the TV.

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