Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Starting To Feel Like An Extension Of My Car

In Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy, Ford Prefect has a slight misunderstanding about who is the dominant species on the planet.  He thinks the cars are in charge.

I'm starting to think he may not have been entirely wrong.

As a casually environmentally conscious individual, I generally try to run errand-chains to save on gas.  Rather than hit one store, there and back, I'll try to hit at least two or three. 

Lately, I've had to spend several hours on errands and chauffeuring.  Saturday, run across the city for Alex's music lesson, back across the city for a birthday party for Nathan.  During the birthday party, I went to four different stores to pick up various supplies.  All of them were things I'd been waiting to do until I had time and was in the right part of town.  Sunday, I had my Ottawa Romance Writer's meeting, which meant a trip to one restaurant for a board meeting, back to Mlacak centre for our regular meeting and the workshop and then off to another restaurant for the post-meeting social gathering.  Monday, the usual run of groceries and a visit to the dentist.  Tuesday, go into the office downtown for a meeting and on the way back: visit to the library, fabric store and the doctor's office.  Then run Nathan back downtown for art therapy and rush back to get to my own doctor's appointment.  Wednesday, lunch with some friends and a run across town to the only pharmacy that carries Alex's liquid vitamins and to Farm Boy to get the fruit I really should have picked up on Monday.

Normally, most of my driving is local but I seem to have hit a cluster.  It's definitely impinging on my time to write or get chores done.  Individually, they're all such small events.  Each one is necessary and most are enjoyable (except the dentist).  But it's adding up.

I'm also doing a bit of a drown in paperwork.  I've got the Special Diets form to complete for our Disney trip, the application for a medically necessary discounted flight with Air Canada, the contract for Nathan's birthday party, our passport applications and data collection for the behavioural therapist for Alex.

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