Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Search For the Gup

About a year ago, we decided to start giving Nathan an allowance.  Like most kids, he would ask to play arcade games at the front of the store or ask for toys as we went through.  We thought we would give him his own money to spend on such things.  We set it at $2 a week, enough for a game or two but low enough he'd have to save if he wanted a particular toy.

He's turned into quite the little saver.  The first thing he saved for was a toy helicopter, which took 10 weeks. 

For the last three months, he's been saving to buy a particular toy: the Gup X from the Octonauts.  Last week, he finally had enough to cover taxes and we went over to Target to pick it up. 

On our way, I told him not to worry if Target didn't have it.  We'd just go ahead and order it online.  (I'd checked to make sure it was available on the website.)

Target was indeed sold out.  Nathan was quite cheerful and excited about the idea of ordering online and having a package delivered.  I was feeling good about myself.  I was encouraging my child to save and delay gratification and it was a good lesson in finding another way rather than throwing a tantrum.

We settled in front of the computer and I confidently went through the ordering process.

Only to discover that Target.com does not deliver to Canada.

Uh-oh.  Okay.  Regrouping.  Surely Toys R Us will have it.

Only the American site.  Which also doesn't deliver to Canada. 





Sears?  The Bay?  Anybody?



I had to explain to Nathan that I couldn't find the toy.  He took it with a quiet, crushed acceptance which made me feel absolutely horrible.  I promised we'd look into other options and we'd figure out a way to get the toy for him.

Eventually we did find a method.  A family friend who lives in the States offered to let us send it to her house and she'll bring it with her when she comes to Canada later this month.

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