Thursday 24 April 2014

Pointed Glare At the Government

I'm generally a typical Canadian, believing in peace, order and good government.  I don't expect a giant bureaucracy to function flawlessly but for the most part, it seems to muddle in the right direction.

Except now.

Like a dutiful citizen, I filed my taxes several weeks ago.  Which is why I was bloody surprised to get an additional T4 in the mail this week.

When I left the government two years ago, I told them I wanted to cash out my pension so I could reinvest it in RRSPs.  They finally got around to doing it this year.  (Tempted to charge them for two years of lost interest accumulating over the course of my lifetime but that's a separate issue.) 

Apparently a small portion of that money counted as straight income and thus was included in a T4.  I wasn't expecting it and now have to refile.  And I suspect I'll have to send them something since I already received and cashed my tax return.

I'm more than a little irritated to get an additional tax document less than a week before the filing deadline.  Also annoyed that no one told me to expect it so that I could hold off filing until I got it.  I'll be super annoyed if they end up charging me interest on whatever they think I "owe" them.

Picture me glaring at you, government.  The piercing stare of a disappointed mother preparing to send you on the guilt-train.  That's right.  Hang your heads in shame.

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