Sunday, 13 April 2014

Gack - A Disney Gaffe

Having finalized our flight, I decided I should pay down the balance of our resort reservation.  So I logged in and tried to figure out how to do that.  I noticed a little star in the "cart" area and decided that must be it.

Wrong.  It turns out I ended up booking an entirely separate vacation package.  I only twigged to it when I noticed it gave me a different confirmation number.

I called Disney and got it all sorted out.  Luckily, I guess I'm not the first idiot to make this mistake.  I was particularly desperate to make sure our character dinner reservations weren't lost.  I've looked and the dinners are completely booked for the length of our reservation.

But now it is settled and we still have our character dinners.  We have our Magic Express reservations.  It looks as if we're completely good to go on the Orlando side (except for confirming with the special diets people, but that'll be a bit).

Now I just need arrange passports (good luck to us getting Alex to stand looking straight ahead with his mouth closed), travelers cheques, talk to the customs people to see if there's some kind of form we can fill out to jump the line, sew Alex's Disney Prince costume for our dinner with Cinderella ...

I'm starting to think I haven't accomplished as much as I thought.

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